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Alumna Ieshia Champs Felt at Home at UHD

By now, you’re probably familiar with Ieshia Champs’ story. The single mother of five whose law school graduation photo went viral.

Well, now it’s time to tell the story of her journey at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD).

Champs attended UHD from 2013-2015 after transferring from Houston Community College (HCC) where she achieved her associate’s degree.

It was an HCC professor who encouraged Champs to transfer to UHD.

“I felt at home and I think that’s really what I look for in colleges,” Champs said. “Of course, the solution was very affordable for me.”

She also gravitated toward UHD’s friendly and caring environment. She credits her advisor with talking to her about many of the administrators and professors in the department that she wanted to enroll in.

In 2015, Champs received her Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in Applied Administration.

“It was something I really looked forward to doing,” Champs said, “So I think that is what made me really decide that UHD was the place for me.”

Her children also were very supportive and helpful during her time at UHD. They would pitch in with chores and taking care of younger siblings. They also provided Champs with much-needed massages as well as assisting her with flash cards.

Champs offers this advice to current students.

“I would really advise them to take advantage of networking opportunities and getting to know everyone who they possibly can,” she said. “It’s one heck of an institution.”

For those considering UHD, Champs advises those students to take advantage of the home-like feel the institution offers, especially those looking to apply from out-of-state.

“The tuition is great, it’s a very wonderful atmosphere and it gave me hope,” Champs said.

Champs is a prime example of Gator Grit and reflects UHD’s commitment to its transfer students. Through partnerships with community colleges, such as Houston Community and Lone Star College, students have opportunities to seamlessly transition from associate’s programs into undergraduate majors at UHD.