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UHD Students Attend Global Engagement Summit in NYC

Thomas Canny (left) and Eduardo Gil represented UHD at the Global Engagement Summit.

(This article is written by student Gator Correspondent Evelyn Garcia.)

Two UHD University Honors Program students and United Nations Association-UHD (UNA-UHD) members recently attended the 2018 Global Engagement Summit in New York City. Thomas Canny and Eduardo Gil joined approximately 1,500 United Nations (U.N.) advocates and representatives from more than 120 colleges and universities at the U.N. Headquarters to gain a better understanding of global issues and how to create change in their communities.

“The opportunity to represent UHD at the United Nations headquarters is a once in a lifetime experience,” said Gil, a sophomore majoring in mathematics. “We had the pleasure of attending a multitude of panels that addressed 17 sustainable developmental goals. We were able to hear from the world’s top activists, professionals, and lobbyists who discussed topics like ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring peace. Meeting people from all over the country who share the same goals is a gratification that is unlike any other.”

Both Canny and Gil have represented UHD at several Model U.N. and Model Arab League conferences, including a regional event at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Focused on growing the abilities of UNA Chapter leaders to create change, the summit also sought to inspire by providing an opportunity to hear from world leaders and grassroots change-makers.

“Being a part of a UNA allows students to work toward global goals on their own campuses, in their own backyards,” Canny said. “For me, UNA has connected me to countless young people across the globe who have similar interests and goals as I do. I’ve been offered internships from Mexico City to Senegal, and I have good friends on every continent. I am part of a global network of young people, and this network is accomplishing big things.”

The University’s UNA Chapter will be once again participating in a Model Arab League conference in Commerce, Texas April 4 -7, representing UHD and serving as delegates for the Syrian National Coalition and Egypt.