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In Texas, falling behind on your student loans can cost you your license to work—The Texas Tribune
Texas is among several states that will bar teachers, dentists, nurses and other professional license holders from renewing their licenses if they are in default on their student loans. 

UT System Regents vote unanimously to raise cost of tuition, fees—The Texas Tribune
Most University of Texas System schools will see increases in the 1 percent to 7 percent range, adding hundreds of additional dollars to students’ tuition bills.

Three new regents added to UH System—Houston Chronicle
A trio of Houston businessmen were appointed to the University of Houston’s System Board of Regents by governor Gregg Abbott.

Education Dept. Wants To Block States’ Student Loan Rules. States Are Fighting Back.—The Chronicle of Higher Education
The U.S. Department of Education wants tatest to defer to federal oversight of the companies that service the billions of dollars in student loans that it issues.

UH board committee green-lights medical degree—Houston Chronicle
UHS Regents approval a proposal for a doctoral program in the medical field.

Banks Push for Student Loans—The Wall Street Journal
Private lenders are pushing to break up the government’s near-monopoly in the $100 billion-a-year student-loan market.