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Freshman Housing, Possible Tuition Increase on Tap for University of Houston—Houston Chronicle
The university says demand is up for housing. Enrollment at UH has grown about 30 percent since fall 2007, though about a quarter of credit hours are now taken online.

Rice, Baylor College of Medicine Presidents Sign Letter to Congress on Endowment Tax—Houston Chronicle
College presidents— including two in Houston—are still fighting against the controversial tax hitting certain private university endowments.

A Textbook-free Future at HCC? Maldonado Discusses at State of the College—Houston Chronicle
Future Houston Community College students may graduate without cracking open a textbook.

Rice Among top 20 U.S. Public and Private Universities with Largest Endowments—The Houston Business Journal
State universities are riding a surge in donations and investment returns that have outpaced the growth reported by most of the wealthiest private schools in the nation.

Is Student Debt Big Enough To Hold Back the Economy? What the Research Says.— The Chronicle of Higher Education
Student-loan debt has reached such formidable levels that it could hold back economic growth.

Here’s How Much Texas Public Universities Spent on Athletics, 2015-16—The Houston Business Journal
Sports are big businesses for Texas colleges — which should be no surprise for the state known for “Friday Night Lights.”