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Texas Colleges and Universities Brace for Hard Changes—Houston Chronicle
Battles brewing over changes eyed by Congress.

Chris Pezman Introduced as UH’s New Athletic Director—Houston Chronicle
Pezman was introduced as the new vice president of intercollegiate athletics at the University of Houston, telling a crowd of supporters he’s back for the long haul.

How the UT System Spends Portions of its $20 Billion Endowment (Audio)—The Texas Tribune
The UT System’s endowment of nearly $20 billion makes it one of the nation’s wealthiest educational institutions. How much of it goes to student financial aid?

Rising Threat: As the Climate Changes and Seas Swell, Coastal Colleges Struggle to Prepare—The Chronicle of Higher Education
When the water comes, the familiar campus life will come to end.

The Verification Trap: How the Federal Aid Process Hinders Low-Income Students—The Chronicle of Higher Education
This overlooked part of the federal-aid process isn’t meant to hinder low-income students, but that’s often what it does.

Texas Graduate Students Worry They’ll Lose Big in the Federal Tax Cut Bill—The Texas Tribune
One version of the proposed tax cut bill would count tuition waivers received by graduate students as taxable income, a move that could increase some students’ federal income taxes by nearly 400 percent.

As college costs rise, Texas Schools Open Food Pantries on Campus for Students—The Texas Tribune
In recent years, at least 14 colleges in Texas and hundreds across the country have opened food pantries.