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Amazon is hiring PhDs—Hundreds This Year—The Chronicle of Higher Education
The retail behemoth has hired nearly 500 Ph.D.s, former professors among them, since the beginning of this year to work in its applied-science and research-science units.

Presidential Power: UT says its Student Conduct Policy is Standard. A Daily Texan Investigation Shows Otherwise—The Daily Texan
The president of UT has considerably more power to determine the outcome of student sexual misconduct cases than presidents at other universities.

Shut Out of America, Absorbed by Mexico’s Drug wars: Daniel Peña’s “Bang”—NBC
Houston-based author Daniel Peña’s first novel unabashedly explores the world of those shut out- or kicked out- of the U.S. and absorbed by Mexico’s violent drug world.

Top Public Universities are Shutting Out Poor Students, Report Says—Washington Post
Graduating from a selective college can help low-income students climb the economic ladder, but many of the nation’s top public universities are turning their backs on the group.

Texas A&M, UT May Compete Over Los Alamos Bid—Houston Chronicle
The top public university systems in Texas may compete over a major national contract to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory in northern New Mexico.

Texans’ Support for Higher Education Firm Despite GOP Digs—Houston Chronicle
Many Texans see merits to earning a college degree or certificate, believing that higher education has the potential to improve future salaries and quality of life.

University of Texas beats Rice, Texas A&M in Ranking of World’s Best Colleges—Houston Chronicle
Texas schools may be intense competitors on the football field, but when it comes to academia, there’s no contest.