14:24 PM

UHD Hosts Mexican Delegation Visit


By Sheryl E. Taylor

It began with a letter of invitation from UHD President Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz and resulted in a meeting of the minds in higher education on May 19 at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD).

Dr. Muñoz hosted The Honorable Héctor Escobar Salazar, Secretary of Education in the State of Tamaulipas. The purpose of the visit was to acquaint the Tamaulipas delegation with UHD to gain a better understanding of the institution as well as to learn about the interests and needs of public/private universities in Tamaulipas (located in Northeastern Mexico).

Joining Sec. Salazar on the UHD visit was his wife, Zahidaly Arizoca; Nelson Balido, Special Consultant for Bi-National Commerce & Public Affairs for the Office of the Governor (Tamaulipas); and members of the Secretary of Education's team: Flavio Hinojosa Alvarez, Higher Education Director; Catalina Martinez, International Programs Coordinator; and Rubén Lozano, Director of the Texas Tamaulipas Trade Office.

"Hosting a delegation from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas was a great opportunity to showcase how UHD recognizes the importance of providing strong academic and career preparation to its students in today's global marketplace," said Dr. Muñoz.

The one-day visit with the Tamaulipas delegation, included a campus tour and discussions on:

  • The University's specific academic offerings in Data Science, Geosciences, Certification in Petroleum Land Management, and Supply Chain, which are of special interest to Tamaulipas' international trade since it has 11 ports along the U.S.-Mexico border it shares with Texas.
  • Student Exchange Programs—UHD currently has six international Memorandums of Understanding with universities across Europe.
  • Developing dual degree-earning programs with UHD and Tamaulipas' universities.
  • UHD's English Language Institute, which would provide quality English language instruction to international/non-native students to develop cultural understanding necessary for academic and career
  • Creation of a Faculty Exchange Program.
  • UHD's Police Academy
  • Symposiums and conferences to showcase and highlight the collaborations between UHD and Tamaupilas' institutions.

For this inaugural visit, the delegation also met with members of the UHD community, including Dr. Akif Uzman, Dean of the College of Sciences and Technology; Mike Fields, Dean of the Marilyn Davies College of Business; Interim Provost Ed Hugetz; and Dr. Faiza Khoja, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

"We have experience creating pathways of success for our students, which is evident in our partnerships with institutions of higher learning in the state and beyond," said Khoja.