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UHD Support Groups Host Literacy Book Fair

UHD students deliver books to kids at Blackshear Elementary.

On Friday, April 7, the Center for Critical Race Studies (CCRS) and UHD Student Association for Restorative and Racial Justice (SARRJ) hosted its annual Literacy Book Fair event to provide books to kids at Blackshear Elementary. Throughout the year, hundreds of books were collected by SARRJ and CCRS members to ensure that every student at Blackshear Elementary receives two books and a bookmark of his or her own to take home.

Approximately 1,500 children’s books were given away to highlight the importance of reading and set a path to lifelong readership. The books, covering a range of learning levels from preschool to fifth grade, give Blackshear students a chance to read independently. During the event, CCRS executive director Vida Robertson and SARRJ members focused on literacy awareness, promoted college readiness and handed out books.