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Geology Field Trip in the Heart of Downtown Houston

Natural science students participate in geology field trip in Downtown Houston.

On April 14, University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) Natural Science Department faculty members Alex Barnard and Jeff Martz led the fourth “UHD Building Stones” field trip to Downtown Houston with 23 students.

The group walked along Main Street to the start location at Main and Rusk. The rocks along Main Street on the walk back to campus provided students with a dynamic opportunity to discuss important geological concepts fundamental to the undergraduate curriculum including: identification of the major rock types, how mineral chemistry relates to color, fractional crystallization, uniformitarianism, and stratigraphic relationships in front of great examples outdoors.

This field trip builds on other geosciences activities at UHD. On Friday, April 28, Barnard and Martz will host the second annual Marine Geology and Geophysics Investigation of Allen’s Landing, Buffalo Bayou, which is in partnership with Seatronics, an Acteon Company and Survey Equipment Services.

“These urban activities help to highlight the importance of geoscience in society,” Barnard said.