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Faculty and Students Visit University of Colorado Boulder

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During Spring Break 2017, UHD Senior Honors student Edith Aldaba and UHD senior Martin Valdez joined Paul B. Mandell, associate professor of Spanish, on a weeklong trip to Colorado.

The purpose of the trip was to visit the University of Colorado Boulder (UCB) campus where Aldaba, a CHSS Spanish major, has been accepted to not one but two master’s degree programs: one in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in the Linguistics Department and the other in Hispanic Linguistics in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.

During the visit to the UCB campus, the three met with Peter Elmore, chair of the Spanish & Portuguese Department, Esther Brown and Javier Rivas, professors in Hispanic Linguistics.

While there, at the invitation of Brown, they attended an afternoon Spanish Linguistics Seminar to get a feel for what Aldaba’s graduate studies might be, if and when she chooses to accept their offer.

In short, Aldaba has been offered a full tuition scholarship and a teaching assistant position at UCB to help support her graduate studies in Spanish Linguistics. Aldaba and Valdez, a criminal justice major, will graduate at the end of this semester and are both completing their UHD college degrees in just three years.

Aldaba is also awaiting responses to her graduate studies applications from Washington University in St. Louis and Georgetown University.