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Deadline Extended: CPSFS Community Engagement Mini-Grants Proposals

The UHD Center for Public Service and Family Strengths has extended the deadline for proposals for a Community Engagement Mini-Grant, which will provide a $2,000 stipend in fall 2014. The deadline for proposals is now Aug. 31, 2014. Email completed proposals to cpsfs@uhd.edu.

Call for Proposals

Civic engagement, part of UHD's statement of shared values, as well as the new call to service issued by President Obama (http://www.serve.gov/), focus on the opportunity to make a personal connection to complex social problems in our communities. Several content areas are involved in reality-based education (also named community-based education), an arm of service-learning.

Service-learning is recognized as one of the high-impact initiatives for student success.

Additionally, it aligns with UHD's mission statement, creates campus-community partners, uses civic involvement to meet specific learning objectives of an academic course, engages students and invigorates teaching, and creates research and publishing opportunities.

Resources for a more detailed discussion include:


A. Course information and learning outcomes.

B. Three to five page proposal to address the following questions: How will the outreach enrich learning? How will it connect classroom theory to practice and serve the community? How will the initiative strengthen students' critical thinking while fostering civic responsibility? Which assessment measures could be used to evaluate the impact on student engagement, retention, and guide improvement?


Service Learning and Community Engagement Committee selects awardees that meet the criteria. A total of ten proposals will be awarded fall 2014.


Please submit by email to cpsfs@uhd.edu -subject line, Mini-Grant application

Procedure upon Selection

1. Meet with the Executive Director to plan service-learning objectives.

2. Contact potential community partners. Develop relationship with partners as co-educators.

3. Design service-learning activity to enhance course objectives and address community needs.

4. Submit syllabus to the Center for Public Service and Family Strengths.

5. Teach a course in spring 2015 and write a summary of your experiences and recommendations for service learning after course completion.

6. Apply for service learning designation for the course (application will be sent to awardees by cpsfs@uhd.edu).

7. Share student feedback and personal reflection with fellow recipients to develop a climate of support.

Community Engagement /Service Learning Funding Guidelines

The PIs were informed that these funds were ledger (1) State Funds—in this case food is unallowable with state funding. Information was shared with the CBA/DBA and the PIs (at the same time) to discuss the type of funding being awarded and the restriction.

State Fund Procurement Restrictions

The following procurements are NOT allowed with state funds:

• Food or beverage of any kind (except for travel meals)

• Other entertainment expenses

• Decorative plants

• Support of alumni organizations or activities

• Audit fees, except those paid to or expressly authorized by the State Auditor's Office

• Personal gifts or expenditures, other than expenditures for employee service awards and/or safety awards not exceeding $50 per award

• For operation of an athletics department

• For operation of an auxiliary enterprise

• Purchase, rental or cleaning of caps, gowns and other items related to a commencement

• Personal moving expenses

• Expenses related to student travel

• Christmas cards

• Out-of-state student recruitment

• Oversized (e.g., legal size) filing cabinets

• Penalties, unless required by federal law or regulation (vendor-assessed penalties are not allowed, but late payment interest is allowed)

• Television transmitter stations