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New Peer Mentoring Program Created for Fall 2014

In an effort to boost retention and school spirit, the STAR Program has created a new peer mentoring program set to begin Fall 2014.

“Gator Guides” will serve as mentors to a small selection of FTICs (first time in college students) – creating a “Gator Crew.”  The Gator Guide will offer peer insight on academic and social life at UHD, as well as provide supplemental support for the FTICs, all while building a lasting relationship throughout the first semester.

FTICs are encouraged by their Gator Guide to:

  • Study efficiently and effectively, 
  • Utilize the University’s resources,
  • Get involved on campus,
  • Meet other students with similar interests and
  • Build a close community on campus.

Gator Guides must submit an application, letter of recommendation and participate in an interview with the STAR Program team.

A total of 38 Gator Guides will be chosen, with the first group, pictured below,  serving as the group’s advisory board. Check them out below!