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Silicon Valley Internship a “Tremendous Opportunity” for Computer Science Major

A cornerstone of a UHD education is practical, real-world knowledge gained through high-impact deary hudsoneducational experiences, internships, capstone courses and other similar initiatives. Students that participate in these opportunities are better prepared to face the challenges of careers following graduation.

For computer science major Deary Hudson, his major opportunity is being a fellow with Code2040, a summer program that “places high performing black and Latino software engineering students in internships with top start-ups and provides mentorship, leadership training and network development.”

Located in Silicon Valley, Code2040 is in its second year and already boasts partners companies like Etsy, Foursquare, Facebook, Tumblr and more. This summer, the program hosted 18 fellows from across the country, including one of UHD’s best and brightest.

At UHD, Hudson serves as president of the Association for Computing Machinery student chapter, works on a research project that uses Twitter to identify crimes in near real-time and is a member of Scholars Academy.

This summer with Code2040, Huson is working as a software developer intern for the City and County of San Francisco’s Department of Technology.

“I do feel that this program has been a tremendous opportunity for computer engineering talent across the nation to really start their professional careers early because of the resources and internship possibilities they provide,” he said. “It has opened doors for me during my time in Silicon Valley and I want other students to be a part of this initiative as well. I believe that UHD has the talent to be a part of this program again in the future.”

Hudson’s long-term goal is to discover a mobile device opportunity that will lead him to create a start-up company. And if he continues to exhibit the same drive and leadership that makes him a success at UHD and Code2040 – he’ll reach that goal very soon!