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Faculty to Present Research at UHD-Sponsored Humanities Conference

By: Mary Ann Cozza

UHD is sponsoring the annual Humanities Education and Research Association (HERA) conference on March 20-23 at the Westin Galleria in Houston.

This year’s conference theme is “Sacred Sites, Secular Spaces: Scenes, Sounds, and Sign in Humanistic, Artistic, and Technological Culture.”

UHD faculty and staff presenters include:

  • Rachel Chiquillo – “(Re)creating the Codex: Nahua Spirituality and the Construction of Historical Memory in Jose Roberto Cea’s Todo el codice”
  • Montse Feu – “Roberta Fernandez’ “Amanda”: A Feminist, Economic, and Cultural Approach”
  • Sylvia Morin – “Reforging a Forgotten Faith: The Femme Fatale’s Role in Revaluing Indigenous Religion in Elena Garro’s Los recuerdos del porvenir”
  • Toni Hoang – “Emergency Preparedness: Response and Self-Efficacy during an Active Shooter Crisis”
  • Joe Sample – “Vagabonding in Chinatown: Reading the Spaces between Cultures and Languages”
  • Jean DeWitt and Erin Mayer – “The Panopticon as Secular Space”
  • Larisa Jackson – “Tchaikovsky and His Soul Mate: A Story in Letters”
  • William Nowak – “Historical Memory and the Haunted Spaces of Spanish National Identity of El orfanato (2007)”
  • Paul Kintzele – “The Eye and the Other: Desire and Jouissance in John Fowles’ ‘The Collector'”
  • Edmund Cueva – “The Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Myth”

For more information on the conference or to view the conference program, click here.