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2012/2013 Performance Appraisal Begins This Week

Courtesy of ESO

The 2012/2013 Performance Appraisal Process is scheduled to begin Tuesday, January 8, 2013. Below please find general information pertaining to the upcoming appraisal process, including appraisal period, required steps, and technical requirements. As with previous years, users will be prompted by email to complete a task. Please make sure to complete the required tasks within the prescribed timeline.

Timeline: Users will be prompted by email to complete each of the following tasks:

performance appraisal process

Evaluation Period: The evaluation period covered in this appraisal cycle is January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.

Training Resources: Employees may view the online training videos available in ESO's Performance Management webpage. There, you may also find other eAppraisal-related resources, such as the eAppraisal Manual, which includes a quick reference guide with instructions for navigating through the process, as well as other links to access the annual and probationary eAppraisal processes.

Access from Home: If you plan to access eAppraisal from home, you MUST use the VPN utility provided by UHD with your high speed internet access (DSL or cable).

Pop-Up Blocker: You must turn off all pop-up blocker software or allow the eAppraisal site (appraisal.uhd.edu) to be exempt from any pop-up blocker because eAppraisal uses pop-up windows. To turn off pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer 6: Select Tools, Pop-up Blocker, and then select Turn Off Pop-up Blocker. You may also setup the IE Pop-Up Blocker so that it only allows pop-ups from UHD web sites including eAppraisal. You must also disable pop-up blockers from other site toolbars such as Yahoo and Google or allow the eAppraisal site as an allowed site.

Technical Requirements: For technical assistance, please contact the UHD Help Desk at x-3000.

Questions/Assistance: For questions or assistance with eAppraisal, you may contact Tomas Turrubiates at x-8263 or Tony Nguyen at x-5332.