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Upcoming National Save for Retirement Week Events

Courtesy of ESO

The National Save for Retirement Week this year takes place Oct. 22-26.  Retirement may seem like a distant dream, but it could happen sooner than you think. Get on board and start planning and saving now for retirement.

ESO is hosting a series of workshops and events during September and October for the purpose of getting you on board with saving for retirement. Some events that have been scheduled are listed below.  Please mark these dates on your calendar. ESO will be distributing a full schedule of events related to National Save for Retirement Week in the near future. If you can’t make all of the workshops, come to as many as you can.

Save these Dates!

October 2        “Importance of Benefits”, UTEAP Lunch and Learn session

October 10      “Managing Change”, UTEAP Lunch and Learn session

October 16      “Destination Retirement”, ING Financial Advisors Workshop

October 18      “I’ll Think about it Tomorrow”, UTEAP Lunch and Learn session

October 29      “Social Security Benefits and Medicare”, Social Security Administration Workshop

October 31      “Work/Life Thriller”, ESO Benefits and Work/Life Fair

For additional information, please contact Erica Morales at x-8443, or Betty Powell at x-8072. If there is something of importance to you regarding retirement and savings, let us know and we will find an expert on the subject matter to meet and discuss your issue in a lunch and learn session.