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UHD Employee Team Wins Intramural Basketball Tournament

By: Mary Ann Cozza

A team of mostly UHD employees won the UHD Intramural B League Basketball tournament on Sunday, March 4, at the Student Life Center. The team, Old School Ballers, lost the first three games of the season, but won five consecutive games to clinch the championship. Congrats team!

Team picture:

Front row, left to right: Brady Hoffman (I.T.), Stefany Mitchell Records (SSEM), Richard Sebastiani (Sports & Fitness), Keenan Morrow (I.T.)

Second row, left to right:  Zachary Perez (student), Vince Wilkins (Facilities Management), Miguel Ruiz (I.T.), Dewayne Loville (I.T.), Javier Diaz (I.T.), Michael Judge (Adjunct Faculty, Computer and Math Sciences)

3 thoughts on “UHD Employee Team Wins Intramural Basketball Tournament

  1. Zachary Perez must be one heck of a player to have dragged this motley crew to the title.

  2. Congratulations Miguel, Dewayne, Keenan, Javier and Brady! Making IT proud! Bet TS can take you on! 😉

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