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Chemistry Society Adopts Gator at Houston Zoo

By: Mary Ann Cozza

Students of the UHD Chemistry Society are now the proud adoptive “parents” of Blanco, a large 21-year-old white alligator from the Houston  Zoo.

Faculty advisor Mike Matson said, “Our adoption of Blanco helps support our  mission of encouraging education of the natural world and of course, helping a fellow gator.”

At 8 feet long and 160 pounds, Blanco is an impressive gator. Although Blanco’s most impressive feature is that he is leucistic, lacking almost all pigmentation. The gator is a Louisiana native who came to Houston in January of 1994.

2 thoughts on “Chemistry Society Adopts Gator at Houston Zoo

  1. That’s awesome of you guys to have adopted Blanco. Just for those that don’t know, Blanco means White in Spanish. Just by looking at his picture it’s amazing how that deficiency in pigmentation makes him look real amazing.

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